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Top 5 Things to place in your “Open First” Box
When you are moving everything ends up everywhere. While you may think finding things on the other end will be simple, this is not always the case. Logan Moving recommends our customers have an .Open First. box to make the first day a bit easier.
  1. Medications . These should be packed last and opened first. Most people take medications in the morning and evening. Being able to get your hands on them quickly is key. Nothing is worse that being exhausted and searching for medications just before bed. You may want to include a mini first aid kit with these, nothing is worse than a cardboard paper cut!
  2. Linens . Another item which should be packed last and opened first. Moving is a tiring event and most people just want to crawl into bed after a long day of moving. Make sure your linens (sheets and towels) are easy to find. Your first night in a new house should leave you with a happy, comfortable feeling. You may want to pack your pajamas with these so all of your bed time necessities are together.
  3. Electronics . Packing your alarm clock, remotes, and coffee maker in a place where you can get to them easily will make the transition much easier. Sometimes these small items get put in boxes just to fill space, and then can.t be located for a few days until you find that box. With them all in the same location, you will know just where to look!
  4. Financials – You may be surprised at how many people pack their checkbooks, ATM cards, and wallets when packing up their home offices. All of these
    items are important to be able to put your hands on, on moving day. We recommend you put them in your .Open First. box so you have them
    available should any last minute expenses arrive.
  5. Household Essentials . I have found that many people forget that houses do not come with some items. Most importantly, toilet paper. While some homeowners may be kind enough to leave a roll behind, others will leave you high and dry. Other items that you might want to consider having on hand are light bulbs and batteries.

Some people can pack this all into one box, while others maybe need 2 or 3 boxes to get the job done. To be sure you know where this box is, you may want to move it yourself. If not, tape a large piece of colored construction paper to 2 sides of the box so you can easily spot it in the sea of boxes. If you have any questions or additional ideas, please let us know!